TaeKwonDo For Kids St Louis

The program that we offer is in St Louis county, we are enrolling new students everyday for kids Taekwondo classes, and give alot of attention to children with Special Needs. (Kids challenged with Deafness, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, etc)

Benefits for all kids:

  • They learn how to focus their energies
  • Less tension in the home and school
  • Children gain confidence in themselves
  • Have lots of fun!

Upcoming Events

Feb 24th - ATA Testing w/ Special Guest Judge Morgan Shank

Mar 10th - Nerf Night

A night of Tarkwondo and Nerf gun challenges. Limited availability to current members.
More info call us!

April 7, 2017 Easter Games 6-8 PM
FREE event with Buddy

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PH: (314) 306-3374

Monday & Wednesday Classes

5-5:30PM - Tigers

5:30-6:15PM - Black Belt Club

6:15-6:45PM - Leadership

6:45-7:15PM - Advanced 

7:15-8PM - Adults/Black Belt 

Tuesday Classes

4:30-5PM - Tigers

5-5:45PM - Black Belt Club

5:45-6:15PM - Breaking Barriers

6:30-7:15PM - Black Belt Club

7:15-8PM - Adults 


Thursday Classes

4:30-5PM - Tigers

5-5:45PM - Black Belt Club

5:45-6:30PM - Advanced Classes

6:30-7:15PM - Black Belt Club

7:15-8PM - Adults 


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