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September Nerf Gun Night

Nerf Gun Madness Event (Parent Night Out)

Amazing Fun – We had our Parent’s Night Out where they take advantage of our longest PNO of the year (Plenty of time for dinner and a movie!). Everyone had a great time, no injuries, plenty of eye protection to participate. Members of the local Police Department took part in the fun and made the night a bonus experience for everyone!

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Combat Sparring & Sparring World Champion

Joan Cather ATA World Champion
Wow, what an amazing Worlds!
Winning Combat Sparring & Sparring World Champion. Being presented with the Special Service Award from Grandmaster Soon Ho Lee. A special recognition from Presiding ATA Leading Lady, Mrs. Sun C. Lee. As a Chief Instructor I am thrilled to share that we have won 9 Gold & 2 Silver Medals out of 12 attempts!! Mr. Ingardi did fantastic on his Mid Term. I am very proud of our team!