Special Needs Taekwondo

Our martial arts program at ATA Martial Arts in St Ann, is a leader among training for students with disabilities through out the ATA, as a leader in teaching and training individuals with special needs.  Our competitors have participated in tournaments and have taken  awards over the years and shown phenominal dedication to the sport.

Our martial arts program offers an oppportunity for students with challenges to be able to participate in a mainstreamed program.  Here at ATA Martial Arts we strive to be able to allow each student to develop to his or her fullest potential.  The staff believes in  focusing on their strengths and implementing modifications in order for the student to be successful.  Our programs here at ATA Martial Arts do not discriminate against students no matter what his or her diagnosised disability.


Ms. Joan Cather, M.A, M.Ed. – 5th Degree Black Belt

Ms. Cather is certified in the areas of Special Education (Behavior Disorder, Learning Disabled and Mental Retardation), Physical Education and Special Reading.

Ms. Cather has been teaching since 1992. The training that she has received allows her to provide instruction to each student at his or her level by focusing on their strengths. She just can “get” kids and their current place in life – which allows them to grow to their fullest potential.