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Joan Cather, ATA Martial Arts, Gains 6th Degree Black Belt

Joan Cather She Did It

It’s Official!!!  Joan Cather is now a 6th Degree Black Belt!

Also, it was shared with me from Chief Master Jack Wennen that I have joined Senior Master Kelly Harman as the only two Women in Region 115 (State Of Missouri) to train from White Belt to 6th Degree Black Belt. It is a huge honor to join Senior Master Kelly Harman!

ATA Martial Arts Leadership

I can not thank my instructor Master Morgan Shank enough for all his leadership as I have trained for this achievement in my Martial Arts journey. I am looking forward to training with him on the next phase which is Mastership!!

I am blessed with an amazing partner, Kim Price, who has supported me every step of the way and accepting an important role of keeping me from looking like a duffle bag! Also, I am correcting my error that her incredible Photography skills have captured the greatest achievement of my Martial Arts Career!

Also, I want to thank all my friends and family for their support!! A huge thank you to all the students and families at ATA Martial Arts St Ann for all your support and love!

Now, I am excited to learn my 6th Degree form and train for Mastership!