World Champion Taekwondo, St. Louis MO | Arthur McCarver

One of our Jr. Instructors (and student) Arthur McCarver is training hard every day to compete at Worlds in July.  This will be Mr. McCarver’s second time competing on this stage.

The first opportunity for him was when he competed at Worlds mid June 2017.  While at the competition, Mr. McCarver fiercely competed in sparring, weapons, and forms.   His hard work paid off when he took 1st place in his level for forms, 2nd in sparring, and finally 3rd place in weapons.

His success at Worlds in June 2017 is a huge feat considering that Arthur is both Autistic and Deaf.   This makes communicating with him a big challenge at times and requires a lot more patience and dedication from his fellow instructors / mentors Ms. Cather, Mr. Ingardi & Mr. Parks.

You can find Mr. McCarver at the gym almost daily – working hard and preparing to win 1ST Place in all three areas of competition this July at Worlds.

This story is still evolving. Stay Tuned! …